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Ualberta 3 minute thesis

Concordia student wins top prize at 3MT nationals

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How does creating and presenting a Three Minute Thesis help graduate students? Last year's UAlberta 3MT winners weigh in. The 3MT has benefited and helped me in a lot of ways.

The biggest change was finally having a concise and easy to understand way of explaining ualberta 3 minute thesis I do or what my research is about without going on a 20 minute tangent only to have a lost expression on the person I'm explaining my work to.

I never really had a good way of answering the question "what's your research about?

congratulations to the 2018 3mt ualberta finals winners

I guess, I finally was able to have an appropriate elevator pitch that was digestible, easy to understand, and compelling. Watch Danish Dar's 3MT presentation. The 3MT helped me in a number of ways.

This has helped me at conferences I was actually accepted to speak at a conference in August because of my 3MTgrant proposals Killam Awardcommunity-based events Research in a Suitcaseand networking with colleagues or future collaborators. The 3MT also motivated me to encourage my peers to get involved.

I saw the benefits to my own professional development, but was dismayed by the lack of arts graduate students who participated in 3MT-related events.

Shruthi Budnar Subramanya - 3 Minute Thesis Finals Winner - University of Alberta

Above all of this, I have had students, colleagues, and members of the public recognize me as the sheep or goat girl, and been able to engage with them on a more personal level. The 3MT gave me the tools necessary to successfully communicate and advocate for my research.

Watch Katherine Bishop's 3MT presentation. The 3MT has helped me to develop my communication skills and convey my message precisely.

One of the nice responses that I didn't expect was people talking to me about their relatives having blinding diseases. I would encourage all students to participate in 3MT.

Watch Nada Alshumaimeri's 3MT presentation. The Written Three Minute Thesis Creating and presenting your thesis in three minutes is a challenge, but it's also a very beneficial exercise to help you reframe your research question, see how your research fits into the larger picture and hone your communication skills.

ualberta winner to compete for canada's 3 minute thesis national award

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