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Business proposal on fish farming in nigeria

Start Your Own Home Based Fish Farming Business for Profit

How to Start Fish Farming Business 2017

View Large 4 Practical Fish Farming Business Plan Nigeria Ideas - Nearby fishermen promote at low fees so be prepared to market your fish some distance and huge to get the quality expenses in your farm produce. To reduce this problem, get wholesale shoppers from eating places, inns and huge supermarkets to buy from you.

fish farming, processing and marketing business plan in nigeria

Even as the fourth juveniles you invest in should come up with a fair return and profit. You will be making income between 20 to 24 months.

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This fish is broadly sold in nigeria. It's miles popular with the local community who call it titus. Simply make certain you site it close enough to the metropolis to take advantage of the populace dwelling there who are your ability clients.

You need to be conscious that even if you started with 1, juveniles there's no assure that they may all stay alive until maturity. Assuming you sell matured fish when they develop to weight of 1kilogram at n according to kilogram you will still make earnings.


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How profitable is fish farming business you would possibly wonder, as you observed of the high value of feeding the juveniles until maturity. If you already have land and supply of water on your farm like maximum small scale farmers do, feeding is the main cost you endure in this enterprise.

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Primary financial institution click nigeria gives scarce forex to importers who import a massive percentage of the fish we eat every day. You can pick out initially a plot of land or greater or maybe less, however it need to be huge sufficient for the development of your ponds and the water source i. On the way to get an knowledge of the enterprise before you start, please write a business plan.

Thankfully, most of the statistics you need in your business plan is already internal this article. In case you are studying this then you definitely are fortunate.

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