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Is doing homework on sundays a sin

“Is it all right to study religion homework on Sunday?”

Is Doing Homework on the Sabbath Sin?

Is working on Sunday a sin?

Question: "Is working on Sunday a sin? Working on Sunday is not prohibited in the Bible.

The idea that Christians should not be working on Sunday comes from a misunderstanding of Old Testament Sabbath-keeping for the Israelites and its relation to Sunday worship for Christians. When God provided manna in the desert during the Exodus wanderings, He commanded that the manna was to be gathered for six days only with enough gathered on the sixth day to feed the people during the Sabbath rest.

Gathering the manna was considered to be work, just as planting and harvesting was considered work. Exodus —16 and prescribed death for anyone who worked on the Sabbath. Buying and selling on the Sabbath day was also considered a desecration of the Sabbath Nehemiah — The Sabbath day was established so the Israelites would rest from their labors, only to begin again after a one-day rest.

Why, then, do Christians not have to observe the same law? The key to understanding this is to see that the various elements of the Sabbath symbolized the coming of the Messiah, who would fulfill the Law by providing a permanent—as opposed to a one-day—rest for His people.

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Their labors included trying to obey all the commandments of the ceremonial law, the temple law, and the sacrificial law. Just as they began their physical labors after a one-day rest, so, too, did they have to continue to offer sacrifices.

christians, is doing homework on sunday considered a sin?

Jesus rested after performing the ultimate sacrifice—He ceased from His labor of atonement because there was nothing more to be done, ever. Jesus was sent so that we might rest in God and in what He has provided.

Is doing homework on sundays a sin - is doing homework on the sabbath sin?

Jesus is our rest from works now, just as He is the door to heaven, where we will rest in Him forever. There is no other Sabbath rest besides Jesus.

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He alone satisfies the requirements of the Law, and He alone provides the sacrifice that atones for sin. These are a shadow of the things that were to come; the reality, however, is found in Christ. Many Christians, such as doctors and nurses, have no choice but to work on Sunday and, as a society, we should be very grateful to them.

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But Christians who work on Sunday should do so with the understanding that worship is not limited to any one day of the week but is to be an ongoing part of their lives.

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