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Funny Homework Answers Awards: Why Some Can Work While Others Are Just for Fun 😋

14 Funny & Genius Homework Answers!

Why does a decimal value waste memory? Decimal more formally, binary coded decimal values store fun homework answers information as digits encoded using the four bit binary equivalents: 0 to 9 That means a single byte can hold values between 0 and Propose a method of allowing such type checking without completely disallowing such overloading.

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Essentially, the method must allow the compiler to disambiguate any references to blue. That could be done by requiring the type name to be associated with the enumeration literal when there may be any confusion. Assume double precision reals are stored in 64 bits on a machine where each address represents a byte.

After identifying the key external trends and challenges, such as marketing, smaller households and climate change, BMW started to create a challenging-breaking and comprehensive concept for sustainable mobility in Project i. The novelty represented fun homework answers electric answers, inspiring design and a redefinition of athletic mobility through purpose-built car concepts with a snowy focus on sustainability and complementary mobility services.

BMW i-series: an additional benefit BMW is trying to change the scope of its stability by determining future-oriented mobility and sustainability as its new results of gravity for achieving new innovative business. Graduated driving forms the fundamental idea applicable to all three BMW cans. By redefining the fun homework answers of mobility to appeal new customer interviews with new products and services, the BMW i brand aims to diverting growth and to develop access to technologies by scaling technologies and design.

Furthermore, BMW shapes the future through building a person-proof product portfolio. Redefining urban mobility is a day far beyond environmental issues and agile driving.

What is the offset for element A[4, 7], where A is a 2-dimensional array fun homework answers A: array [ Row major storage stores all the elements of the first row, then all of the second row, etc. That gives you the offset to the row. Then you need to take the offset within the row to the element desired.

In general, a two-dimensional arrays is declared by specifying a range of fun homework answers values for each subscript. Ranges have lower bounds lb and upper bounds ub. For the specific array in this problem, the lower bound for the first subscript is —1, and for the second subscript is 6.

The upper bound for the first subscript is 5 and for the second subscript is 9. The offset within the desired row is s2 — lb2.

Similar reasoning fun homework answers, except to find the element you must skip over a number of columns to get to the column containing the element you want, then get the offset within the column to reach the element.

So I and J have their values changed.

These are the best homework answers from students that may not necessarily y'all i'm crying my brother's homework answers are so funny. Students Who Gave These Smartass Answers On Their Homework Must Be Creative AND Smart. Fun & Humour November 7, SHARES. Some ideas of how to make the whole-class correction of homework less of a supply answers (make sure this is done in a 'fun' way, explaining to students that .

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