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Argumentative essay about iphone

Argumentative Essay: Android vs iOS Essay

How to decide between Android and iPhone, Computerworld

Doctors, Vets, Soldiers, and Construction workers have one thing in common. The majority of all people has some type of smartphone, whether it is an Android the iPhone. Fifty percent of American adults have a smartphone. Smartphones come into your life at some point.

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So why not buy an iPhone. When Apple made iPhone 5, they made sure the phone can go three days without being charged even if you had too many apps installed.

Camera; There are terrific Android cameras, and there are awful Android cameras.

Also, pictures are clearer on the iPhone than Android. People who take pictures on iPhones are very clear while people who take pictures on Androids are not as clear.

The iPhone has a physical switch for vibrate option. On Android, you have to log into your phone, press the volume button, and tap the bell to set it to vibrate option.

Other Factors; Android devices also overheat more than Apple devices. While you are on an iPhone, you can run multiple apps without having to worry about your device overheating. Also, when the iPhone 5 came argumentative essay about iphone, Apple revealed that iPhone 5 would come with support for wireless network, which means users will be able to take advantage of the fastest wireless networks. Why is Android better than Apple?

While both of these dominant software's have their pros and cons, Android has a slight edge based on several factors.

Price; Based on Forbes. Based on these prices, it can be concluded that the average Apple phone costs 2. Mandatory Accessories; Accessories are the optional things that we put or install on our phones to be more compatible, better-looking, etc.

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However, in some instances, these argumentative essays about iphone can be mandated to buy. Meanwhile, Android has headphone plug-ins on their phones so that consumers do not have to require to buy Bluetooth headphones to privately play music or watch movies. Screen Size; On average, Android phones have a bigger screen size than Apple. For example, the Samsung Galaxy s7 has a screen size of 5.

While the new iPhone 7, has a screen size of 4. More Carriers; It is no argumentative essay about iphone that Android phones have more carriers than Apple phones. This makes Android phones more accessible and more flexible based on phone carriers.

Conclusion So overall, people have their opinions on Android https://essay-edupro.icu/v5/i1573.php Apple, but both phones have downsides. For example, the Apple iPhone might not be waterproof, while some Android phones are waterproof which is a disadvantage for Apple iPhones.

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Still, though, Android also have their downsides, for example, some Android phones do not have clear pictures while in some cases the picture might be blurry. So both companies have their downsides which depend on the consumer's opinion to think what better phone to buy.

In some cases, people buy more Apple phones just because they are very modern and trendy.

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