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Essay writing on 6 september

Essay on 6 september defence day of pakistan

It was on this day inthat India launched her forces and attacked Pakistan across the international border without a warning or a declaration of war. India arrogantly swept aside her international commitments in her desire to subjugate the region.

At dawn on 6th September Indian forces crossed the border, pushed back the Pakistan Rangers and advanced towards Lahore on two essay writing on 6 september. The Indian Army Chief, Gen. Chaudhry was so confident of defeating the Pakistani troops guarding the area and capturing Lahore that he announced to all and sundry that he would have a large peg of whisky at the Lahore Gymkhana Club in the evening of the 6th.

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It was 17 years earlier that Gen Chaudhry had attacked the princely state of Hyderabad in Deccan, at the head of an armoured division. The Pakistan Army units defending on the ground, supported by the Pakistan Air Force were able to blunt the Indian offensive and roll it back.

Two days later on 8th September India launched its main attack against Sialkot using its armoured division and other strike formations. What ensued has been described as the largest tank battle since the second World War. In the end the Indian main attack was held and severely mauled.

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Its armoured division was force to withdraw owing to very high losses in men and material. This posed a serious threat to the rear of Indian troops facing Lahore. In the South Pakistan took the initiative to push back Indian troops and enter Indian territory.

During the operations India captured about square miles of Pakistan territory but lost around square miles of its own to Pakistan. During the war every citizen click the country was solidly united behind the government, although it was a military one, of Field Marshal Ayub Khan.

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The national priorities were clear and unambiguous in those days, any essay writing on 6 september to the country called for unity and unstinted support to the government and the armed forces.

There was no question of any political party or leader taking advantage of the war to berate the government for political or personal gain. Pakistan emerged from the September war with India, a strong and self-confident nation, proud of itself and its armed forces. It was a nation that was united in facing the danger from India.

Essay writing on 6 september, the spirit of defence day

National unity and full support for the armed forces in the field is essential for success in war. It was certainly their finest hour of glory and a day to be remembered by future generations of soldiers and civilians. But India prepared anew and six years later in again attacked across the international border, this time in the Eastern Wing of the country and succeeded in dismembering Pakistan while the World and the United Nations stood by and watched.

India has consistently used essay writing on 6 september as an instrument of her foreign and domestic policy against all her neighbours including China, and internally against her own small states and occupied Kashmir to the detriment of her religious and ethnic minorities.

6 September Pakistan Special Defense Day Realty - پاکستان کاتاریخ سازدن

This has been reflected by all the main Human Rights organizations of the World. This was released during the Kargil fighting a few months back. Unfortunately all the criticism emanates by and large from those political parties in opposition to the government and as such the credibility of their arguments is reduced to that extent.

Some writings have appeared, particularly in the English press who essay writing on 6 september to understand the Kashmir issue in its proper perspective and there are others who may well be inspired from within or without for reasons better known to them. They have demonstrated their ability to force a decision on Kashmir.

Any form of status quo is not acceptable to them any more. It is the essay writing on 6 september of neutral experts at home and abroad that the Kashmir dispute cannot be forced back into cold storage again in view of the determination to fight and die as shown by a few hundred Kashmiris on the outskirts of Kargil under the shadow of a larger conflict.

essay on 6 september defence day of pakistan

It should now be the concern of the World community to essay writing on 6 september a solution to the Kashmir dispute under a democratic process, of the will of the people of Kashmir. During the Kargil conflict the Pakistani troops deployed on the Line of Control in the area came under constant Indian pressure and repeated attacks. They gave a good account of themselves and many were killed defending the frontiers of Pakistan and the honour of their homeland.

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They fought with great determination and courage blunting and repulsing every enemy attack with considerable losses to the Indians. The officers and men of the Pakistan Army and para-military forces fought with the spirit of the September Indo-Pakistan war, and should be included in our prayers on the 6th of September alongwith all those officers and men of the Forces killed in action since The 6th of September should also be a day of thanksgiving.

We should all pray for the safety and solidarity of Pakistan and also that God gives us the strength, courage and determination, to protect and safeguard at all costs, the freedom and honour of our homeland.

Pakistan; 05/09/; 10 Comments; 0;, HAPPY DEFENSE DAY (September 6). Essay On 6 September Defence Day Of Effective writing of essay Pakistan. Today's Paper, September 21, The enemy attacked our borders on September 6,, with a view to invade the attacked areas. The battle lasted till September 22,, when both sides accepted the United.

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