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Essay on the film you like most

Describe the Most Interesting Movie That You Have Seen

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Before telling you what my favorite movie is, let me mention a few elements that I think, any good movie should have. Story or the script is, in my opinion the see more important part of any movie, this is where any moviemaking process begins, story is what a director has to work with in order to apply his creative artistic mind and create something spectacular.

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Dialogue comes from the story and just like in real life, sometimes words can influence more than anything else. The way he visualizes the story is very important because his view of the story, should be accessible to the understanding of as many people as possible.

They are the people, the audiences appreciate if the movie is good and they are the people who the audiences blame if the movie is a disappointment.

What is the structure i. What does it mean for a function to be continuous. What properties do continuous functions have e. What's the relationship between them e.

In order to address these issues with precision, you will need to develop a better understanding of and a greater facility with mathematical language.

Actors lead the movie onscreen and usually have nothing to do with it off screen. The film is about a Cuban refugee who comes to America to live his dreams. He builds a drug empire and lives "on top of the world" for sometime, until one day his empire crumbles and he goes down with it.

A Favorite Movie - Daily English Conversation Practice - Questions and Answers by Topic

The film portrays events that are distant for most people lots of drugs and violence and at the same time, the movie explores the themes of everyday life, the themes of friendship, betrayal, love, honor, and insanity.

And of course the dialogue is unforgettable.

This does not mean that you are used to give away the ending. Think of applying as setup.

Phrases like "Say goodnight to the bad guy. One of the main reasons why I consider this movie to be great is because neither the director nor the writer judged the characters of the movie, especially the character of Al Pacino, Tony Montana.

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The director never gave a hint of his personal like or dislike of Tony Montana or any other

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