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Essay on the brooklyn bridge

Essay about The Brooklyn Bridge

Art in the Anchorage offers annual public access to one of New York's most spectacular and evocative landmark structures.

The Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage, a stunning performance space under the eaves of the bridge on the Brooklyn's side, hosts a popular art and music series in the summer. The Anchorage's majestic archways, huge vaulted spaces and vertiginous catwalks create a stunning stage for Creative Time's annual summertime multimedia program, Art in the Anchorage.

The festivities usually run from early June through early August. Talking about the history and foundation of the bridge, it was ridiculous that the short ferry ride from New York to Brooklyn, which usually took only ten minutes, should take so long.

brooklyn bridge essay

John Roebling, the engineer of the bridge who was not a man to be kept waiting, stood on the deck of the Fulton ferry with his fifteen year old son, Washington and glowered out at the gray East River chocked with ice.

What the river needed was a bridge.

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Here it was and the only way to get the New York and the essay on the brooklyn bridge of the world from Brooklyn was still by boat across this treacherous East River. Surely, the East River needed a bridge and if there was anyone in the country who knew about building bridges, it was definitely John Roebling. At that time, it was no secret that citizens of Brooklyn had always wanted a bridge.

essay about the brooklyn bridge

There were just too many problems. It would have to be long enough to span nearly feet from shore to shore and high enough for ships to sail under it.

It would have to survive the terrible East River winds, while its base would have to withstand powerful currents, eddies and seven and half foot ocean tides. In that confusion and difficulties, the building of this bridge seemed impossible but this never stopped Roebling.

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The Brooklyn Bridge's construction is one of the great achievements in United States history and helped pave the way for New York City's rapid. The Brooklyn Bridge, built between and, connects Manhattan with New York's most populous borough, Brooklyn. The bridge is one of the most.

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