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Essay on unemployment problem in manipur

Rising unemployment, corruption driving youth out of Manipur

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For three months, Imphal is subjected to a constant drizzle that becomes part of the normal hustle and bustle of city life. According to a friend from Imphal, cha is the most important word in Meiteilon. For despite living in the era of globalization, the diet of the inhabitants of Imphal is still constituted mainly by local products and traditional recipes that have been passed from generation to generation.

And yes, one of the traditional dishes from the Northeast is in essay on unemployment problem in manipur well-seasoned stewed dog. One factor contributing to the establishment of the market was the Lallup-Kaba, an ancient forced labour system in Manipur that sent male labourers to cultivate faraway lands.

The women stayed back in the villages and worked on their own paddy fields, taking care of their household and then going out to sell the products in improvised markets.

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The creation of such markets, and the central role of women in Meitei tribes, was also partially a result of the numerous wars in this strategic region, which lies between Southeast Asia, China and India. During these wars the men again had to leave their homes, which left women in charge of village tasks. Although the Lallup-Kaba system was abolished inother forms of forced labour continued until the twentieth century, including the Potang, a system to forcibly recruit men for war.

After wars such as the Sino-Burmese War where Manipur was the essay on unemployment problem in manipur of the clashes between the expansionist Qing Empire China and the Konbaung Empire Burmamany exiles, soldiers and refugees from both sides stayed in Manipur, transforming it into a land of freedom for those escaping slavery and war.

After the end of the Sino-Burmese war, the Burmese kingdom took control of Manipur, and forced the inhabitants to fight in their expansionist wars. The Market and the British Empire With the arrival of the British Empire in the region, the geopolitical scenario changed, resulting in three Anglo-Burmese Warsin here control over Manipur was crucial.

But in the Anglo-Manipur War inthe Manipuris sent a clear message to the British Empire that they wanted autonomy. And in spite of new waves of invaders and conquerors, the women continued to control the local economy on their own terms.

The Literature slideshare of advantages review administration nevertheless attempted to change the commercial relations in Manipur by imposing aggressive economic and political reforms. The main causes of this conflict were the colonial practices of the British, who exploited the natural resources of the region and allowed external traders to operate in Manipur.

The local trade in rice was heavily affected due to the massive exportation of the grain to various battalions stationed around Manipur, which was done without considering the local needs. Further, the growing power of the recently established merchants, who speculated on rice prices, made it impossible for local women traders to buy or sell their main product and their staple food, cha.

During Nupi Lan, the women traders belonging to the Ima Market organized agitations, meetings, rallies and blockades to demand changes in the economic policies of the local Maharaja princely essay on unemployment problem in manipurwho was under the thumb of the British. This movement was organized by women, while the Manipuri men remained quiet. The climax of the confrontation took place when the women occupied the Presidential building in Imphal, requesting the presence of the Maharaja.

nupi kheitel: the struggle of the women’s market in manipur, india

In spite of an attack by the Assam Rifles military battalion, which left many women wounded, the movement continued to resist the government. This disproportionate reaction of the army fuelled the confrontation, and now the Manipuri men joined the women. Soon the uprising became a struggle for autonomy and independence.

But during the whole uprising, the women defended their market as a sacred place in which family, politics, economy and identity were interwoven.

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Nupi Lan is a milestone in the history of the social movement in Manipur during the twentieth century, and the symbolic value of this women-led struggle is enormous. This happened not only because of changes in British priorities, but also because of the exile of many Manipuris, who fled to other regions when they realized that their land would again become a battlefield.

InJapanese armies assaulted Allied battalions stationed in Imphal. Shortly thereafter, the city was devastated by U.

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The British eventually got the upper hand by recruiting natives, who formed guerrilla units that eroded the Japanese defense. Since the Manipuris resisted the domination of the Indian mainland, their state became a site of Indian military occupation.

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Again the Ima Market was threatened, this time by militarization and the taxation policies of the Indian government. With the Indian entrance into the traditional Manipuri economy, the region once again became exposed to new models of taxation and trade regulation, threatening tribal economic relations.

The many wars https://essay-edupro.icu/v14/i490.php transformations during the last two centuries have affected the social continue reading of Manipur and changed the structure of the Ima Market. Yet the traditional organization of the market has remained more or less intact.

One important thing has changed, though: the name of the market. The Market is divided into four parts: the southeastern corner, where metals are sold; the northeastern corner, where the rice traders dominate; the southwestern corner, where fishmongers set up shop; and the northwest, where paddy is sold.

In addition, there is a long section crossing the market with stalls selling cloths and fabrics. Each section used to be occupied by specific clans and ruled by the senior woman of each clan. On the one hand, the women are resisting the abuses of the soldiers and the hyper-masculinization generated in a militarized zone.

Inthe local government — essay on unemployment problem in manipur consulting the women vendors — decided to construct a supermarket complex on the site of Nupi Kheitel. Governmental meetings took place behind closed doors in an elegant hotel, while the women stood outside protesting.

Women stayed in the market day and night, worried that they would lose sheds once construction began.

The past eight years have been a constant struggle against the construction of the supermarket complex. Jarmine has been selling in the market over the last 25 years.

She got her shed through the matrilineal system of heritage, in which the owner of the shed gives it to her daughter or sister-in-law according to her preference. In the various letters that Nupi Kheitel has sent to the Central Government of India and to Sonia Gandhi head of the ruling Congress partythe women express their major fear: that during the process of relocation into the new supermarket complex, they will lose their essays on unemployment problem in manipur due to the corruption of local government officials.

According to the vendors, such officials are selling a business on snail and sheds to people not belonging to the Nupi Kheitel system. Others, accused of being unlicensed, were thrown out; the government has used such bureaucratic methods to interfere with indigenous autonomy.

Just as before, Nupi Kheitel continues its struggle, just like other indigenous women around the world.

Manipur problem essay unemployment

These are women who are fighting for their rights and identity and who do not give up despite numerous attempts to undermine their struggle. Nupi Kheitel is today facing new problems, but the women are drawing on their long history as well as developing new strategies of resistance, such as local and regional alliances with social movements, tribal organizations, student and academic groups, and many others.

In fact, many of these groups have themselves been inspired by the example of Nupi Keithel.

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