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Future seaman essay

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He longs for happiness but is unable to find it in a world controlled by fate.

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Fatalism was a common belief in Anglo-Saxon poetry and life in general. The Seafarer's life was determined by fate as any other man's life would be too.

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No essay what one's merit is, their life is being predetermined by a force they can't control. The Seafarer is extracting all his emotions to give the impression to the reader that although his future seaman may be controlled by fate, the path that is chosen for him he heartily accepts and understands the power and wrath this outside force has, including God.

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However, he future seaman essay understands that The Seafarer has experienced life and been around the world, but the sea has shown him nothing but sorrow and fear. The sailor conveys how no matter what hardships the sea cast him, he still returned.

He had the possibility of ascertaining fortune in the city, but he puts himself back on the paths of the sea.

This job and the hardships the sea had put future seaman essay were destined for him and he accepted this. He also believes that no man can escape the cruel hand of fate like he was unable to.

It seems all he cares about is the oceans

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