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Kingfisher bird essay in english

Kingfisher bird essay in english

The kingfisher must surely grab the prize for the most brightly coloured common British bird.

kingfisher bird essay in english

Made up of beautiful blues, turquoise, greens, orange and white, it is an absolutely stunning little bird. It inhabits clear running streams, rivers and ponds with overhanging vegetation.

Identification: Adult Adults are identical except for the bill colour, the bill is all dark in males, the female has a red base to the lower mandible. Kingfishers are small birds, around 15cm from tip of tail to tip of bill. The upperparts are a fabulous shining iridescent blue, the wings have a turquoise cast and the crown combines the two.

The head shows a thick orange eyestripe, blue moustache, white neck patch and white throat and a large dagger like bill. The whole of the underparts are bright vivid orange, incredible!

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The Kingfisher is a shy bird, often perching in the shadows and normally difficult to observe. More often than not you will see an electric blue flash as a bird is disturbed and flies rapidly away from you. The flight is very fast and low with extremely rapid wingbeats.

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Juvenile The young birds are very similar to adults, the wings and crown tend to be more greeny blue and the orange underparts are not as bright as in the adult birds. Status and Distribution The Kingfisher is a reasonably common breeding resident in the UK with around pairs.

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The Kingfisher occurs in all counties throughout the UK and Ireland but is absent in northern Scotland. In winter numbers increase slightly as some continental birds come to winter here and many of our resident birds move to the coast as cold winters freeze their usual haunts.

In winter they will move to other bodies of water like canals or coastal lagoons.

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Kingfishers or Alcedinidae are a family of small to medium-sized, brightly colored birds in the In spite of the word "kingfisher" in their English vernacular names, many of these birds are not specialist fish-eaters; none of the species in. The Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), is one of Britains most brightly coloured and interesting birds. Kingfishers are widespread, especially in central and.

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