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Essay on helping others is important

The Importance of Helping Others

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To what extent do you agree or disagree? Essay topics: Richness is the most important factor in helping other people. In this materialistic world, so many people are running after heaping wealth and power.

Lots of people hold the view that, wealth is the vital factor to help others. I am totally disagreeing with this view and in my essay, I will explain why I feel so.

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On the one hand, the problems of a group of people may disturb the total society. Money plays an important role, if we need to run an institution or other activities like building old age homes, public toilets and so on.

Sometimes money is the only solution for helping under privileged people. For instance, help for medical treatment needs money.

the importance of helping others

With money and power, people can make big favorable changes the society. On the other hand, money is not the only way of helping others.

There are so many other ways. Physical and psychological are the two important aspects of helping others. A poor educated man can teach a group of people some skills to earn money for their needs.

It helps them to stay without support and their lives will improve. Giving a psychological support to a rich man may sometimes relieve him from a drug addiction, which money only cannot relieve. Furthermore, time is a valuable thing. Sharing time with needy is an excellent way of supporting others.

A large number of people, even effluent, are suffering from mental agonies, as there is no body to hear their problems. With consoling and supporting words, problems of a large number of people can be solved.

To conclude, money is not an end in itself, but a means to satisfy our needs. Richness in mind, a merciful heart, and compassion to others are the important factors behind helping others.

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Helping others essay gives you the opportunity to change someone's life and improve your own. 7 facts from help This fact is very important for our health. Over the past few weeks, I've had a eye-opening realization of how important helping others actually is. No action, no matter how small.

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