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Essay about advantages and disadvantages of youtube

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using YouTube ?

However, as with how the internet has become a part of our everyday life activity in such profound ways, it seems like even Youtube cannot run from the reality of the fact that it does leave a combination of positive and negative impacts on society as well.

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And as much as it cannot be denied that this video-sharing media platform has most certainly planted greater benefits to the growing cyber population of users, it also comes essay about advantages and disadvantages of youtube a list of disadvantages along the way. Therefore here I will be listing and briefly explaining in details of the significant advantages and disadvantages that Youtube offers by comparing them side-by-side.

Advantage 1: Easy access to searching and viewing videos. By just entering the homepage of the Youtube website, and start typing on any keywords matching your desired video title or description on Youtube's search tab, you can instantly gain a list of reliable recommended videos made by Youtube that has anything to do with what you were looking for.

This means that whatever type or time length or age of video that you're looking for can be easily found on youtube just at the click of your keyboard. This feature definitely saves your time and effort looking for the things you need to search for.

IELTS WRITING TASK 2 - Advantages and Disadvantages Essay - Body - paragraphs - and Conclusion

However, there is a downside to all of this too, actually. Yes, sometimes this happens easily too.

the advantages and disadvantages of youtube

Whether it is purposefully done or not, these type of explicitly unsuitable for general viewing videos can be found in abundance on Youtube. Most people would call it as "the other side of Youtube", especially when they initially came to Youtube for reasearch or educational puposes, but end up with getting their eyes caught up towards these 'wild' videos on the Related Videos list.

Essay about advantages and disadvantages of youtube; what are the advantages and disadvantages of using youtube ?

This also comes from personal experience as well. This entire debacle makes Youtube a very unsafe place for viewers below the age of Advantage 2: Getting yourself daily updated with the latest news, trends, and so much https://essay-edupro.icu/v1/i15.php. It' now so easy to get yourself updated with the latest news of your favorite music artists, actors, or getting fresh detailed reviews of the latest gadget technology - Or your https://essay-edupro.icu/v13/i1889.php singer's signature perfume brands - available in stores!

There's just so many news feedback that comes in from all aspects of life - Entertainment, education, science and technology and so much more that are constantly being updated and released in the form of promotional videos, ten-minutes reviews, short movies, creative adverts and etc that can easily be found and viewed in Youtube.

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It's like a free for all. Even celebrity singers and actors are promoting their publicity by posting up official music videos or movie trailers to hype up their fans for all the upcoming albums or movie releases. The Disadvantage: The bankruptcy of many video producers.

The downside to all of this hype is more afflicted towards the business side of the deal. And this is just the advertising part of the entire thing.

Advantages & Disadvantages of YouTube Marketing and How to Leverage Them

And yet tons of money are still needed for the production of the real thing later on. One simple example that I will be using here is the fresh new —released official music videos of my favorite singers that I constantly look up on Youtube.

Take taylor Swift, to be more specific. Avril rocked the world back on During that time, Youtube has not yet existed. So how do fans usually grab a hold of her music videos for their own personal collection copies? The official music video is there, by yours truly.

Can you see https://essay-edupro.icu/v2/i1794.php much less the people working on the entertainment industring are gaining their profits now, since the emergence of Youtube? Youtube does not only offer videos to be watched, but you can also find and discover different essays about advantages and disadvantages of youtube of music along the way.

Because Youtube allows the uploading and sharing of videos in many different container formats, people tend to take this opportunity to share almost anything they desire to, which in this case, is not just videos of movies or gadget reviews, but also songs and music tracks. There is a wide variety of new and old stuff you can listen to for free on Youtube.

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The Disadvantage: Large bandwidth needed, means slower internet connection. When people talk about songs in video container formats, the next thing we tend to think about is the amount of bandwidth it uses to play, especially when playing it online.

This becomes a hassle to majority of us, even more so towards those with lower speed of internet connection. To put more emphasize to this point, Youtube by default already uses a much larger bandwidth compared to any other existing websites nowadays. This is a total bummer for the most part, indeed.

YouTube is an excellent platform for personal use such as sharing videos with friends & family, It's not intended to sell the products and the services, It is. if YouTube isn't already part of your social media marketing, it should be. Find out how YouTube marketing can play a role in your video.

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