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Money buy love essay

Money Can’t Buy Happiness Essay

Obviously, every American will have a different dream and will have different obstacles in achieving their goal. When Gatsby was in the Army and carried the name of James Gatz, he fell in love with a lady named Daisy.

Daisy's parents did not approve of her and Gatz's courtship because Gatz's was not of old money, and Daisy ended up marrying a fellow of the name Tom Buchanan, a man source old money. The basis of James Gatz's American dream was to be with Daisy. So, Gatz changed his name to Gatsby and went https://essay-edupro.icu/v10/i2670.php to money buy love essay a fortune to win over the love of Daisy Buchanan.

Jay Gatsby feels that money can buy love and Daisy Buchanan is the final piece of the puzzle to fulfill his American Dream. When Gatsby met Daisy for the first time, he was a middle class man that grew up in North Dakota.

essay about money can’t buy love

But that was not good enough for Daisy and her love essay, so how did jay Gatsby earn all his wealth that he has in the novel. First, Gatsby believed as all Americans are taught that with hard work that fortune will come to them.

Chapter nine describes how Gatsby had a daily schedule that was very vigorous and perhaps ambitious.

According to Gatsby's father, he did not stray from this schedule for quite some time. After a while, no prosperity was brought to Jay Gatsby so another solution was needed to gain the wealth necessary to win the love of Daisy Buchanan.

Money buy love essay; essay on money can’t buy happiness

Luckily for Gatsby, this was a time of Prohibition and lots of money was there to be gained from organized crime. Gatsby became acquainted with a man named Meyer Wolfsheim.

essay about money can't buy happiness

Wolfsheim was quite a character, a gambler and bootlegger once accused of fixing the World Series. This Wolfsheim was no nice guy either; he was rumored to wear a necklace that

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