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Argumentative essay on steroids in sports

Argumentative Essay: Steroids in Baseball

One of the common debates in the sports industry is whether performance drugs should be banned from athletics.

The common argument is that pills should be prevented because they are dangerous and harmful to the athletes. Basing this argument of several ethical theories, the argument drugs should be forbidden in sports may or may not be justified.

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This paper will use several ethical theories as the bases of the pro and con arguments and conclude with a reason for supporting either a pro or a con argument. Performance enhancing drugs should be banned in athletics because fairness in sports is what most people want.

According to the virtue ethics which states that character is what matters most and acting in the right manner requires demonstration of the right virtues, then all the athletes who are using energy enhancers should stop the practice and focus on acting in the right way.

The sport manager should also focus on this theory for the best judgment and ban all drugs since in sports fairness is the core element that determines the rightful winner. Basing the argument that all enhancing drugs should be banned in sports on the Kantianism argumentative essay on steroids in sports theory, acting rightly requires the proper universal rules which in this case require the athletes not to use drugs.

In the sports industry what matters most are the skills, training and the hard work not the results of a creative drug designer who has best drug for enhancing energy.

Argumentative essay on steroids in sports, are steroids worth the risk?

Additionally, care ethics requires an individual or individuals to act rightfully by focusing on the relationship which implies that strengthening and building a strong relationship. The relationship between athletes in a tournament should be build on the basis of the care ethics where the argumentative essay on steroids in sports between the team members from one group and another should be strong.

When one group uses energy enhancers and wins a competition and the opposing team have the knowledge that the winner used a drug, the competition will be biased and unfair to the straight team, and this will kill the relationship between the teams. On the other hand, the performance enhancing drugs should not be banned because people might find a bionic man competition more entertaining than a normal competition where there are no drugs.

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An athlete can take drugs to maximize his or her happiness even if it means he has to break the traditional moral value to achieve this glory. The use of energy enhancers in athletics should not be banned because they can assist the athlete achieves a long term goal.

Basing this argument on the egoism theory, an athlete is entitled to his or her personal pleasure and achievement. The competition can be tough, and if an athlete has here for a long time without success using small portions of the drug to achieve success and pleasure would be justified. Performance drugs should not be banned in sports since the athletes are qualified to have fun and find pleasure in sports.

According to the Hedonism theory, pleasure is the only valuable good in life and an athlete winning a competition is a source of pleasure irrespective of the sources he or she uses to achieve this pleasure. The use of drugs in sports in order to win a competition is unethical and unfair to fellow competitors and should be banned.

enhancement drugs in sports should be banned: an argumentative paper research paper

Drugs that enhance energy are harmful to the users and the rest of the competitors because the non users can be forced to indulge in drugs to remain competitive. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, energy enhancing drugs such as steroids have serious side effects such as hypertension and liver damage.

Sports steroids essay argumentative

Athletes participating in any competition should avoid these drugs and managers in any tournament should ban the use and the athletes using these drugs Simon, On the other hand, performance pills should not be banned because athletes who are on these drugs can be used to create a more entertaining competition and can also assist scientist who create genetic enhancers achieve their results about a particular drug and its performance.

According to Robert, steroids are not magic pills; athletes who use these pills have to work hard as their counterparts who do not use drugs since the pills do not guarantee success Simon, In conclusion, that enhance energy in sports competition should be banned because they remove the fairness element of the sport, and this is what the viewers want in any sport.

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Fairness in any sport is important since success achieved through hard work skills and training would be fair to all competitors and to the viewers. Additionally, the use of drugs in any competition is a harmful practice to the non argumentative essays on steroids in sports it will force the non users to start in using drugs in order to stay in the competition.

The use of drugs will also place the non users in great disadvantage and out of the best level of any competition. Works Cited Simon, Robert L.

Free Steroids and Sports papers, essays, and research papers. [tags: Sports Atheletes Steroids Essays] [tags: Sports Argumentative Drugs Essays]. There has been a huge amount of academic, policy, and public debate over the years about doping in sport (i.e. the use of banned.

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