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Holly day essay

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Essays - by Stephen G. John's University, Collegeville, MN ; ssaupe csbsju. John's University Biology Department originally published in Sagatagan Seasons, Winter It essay soon be holly day to deck the halls with boughs of holly. Worldwide, there are at least species of holly in the genus, Ilex family Aquifoliaceae.

Of these, the ones most commonly associated with the Christmas season are American holly Ilex opaca and European holly Ilex aquifolium.

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Like most other species in the genus, these plants are small trees with evergreen leaves bearing sharp spines along the margins. They produce male and female flowers borne on separate plants. Beautiful clusters of bright-red berries on the female plants more than compensate for the inconspicuous creamy-white flowers.

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Holly has long been associated with the Christmas season. The Druids, Romans and early Christians all adopted holly to celebrate their winter festivals.

thesis awards 2010/2011

Ever since, holly day essay has been evergreen. It surely must have seemed a miracle https://essay-edupro.icu/v13/i2295.php holly could maintain its leaves throughout the winter season while the leaves of most other plants with which it grew turned brown and shriveled up.

Rather, they evolved to protect the leaves from hungry herbivores especially since they are green and advertising that "supper's on" at a time when there's not too much other available browse.


Interestingly, the holly day essay leaves of the tree beyond the reach of most grazers have only a single thorn on the end. Another story says that holly sprung up under the footsteps of Christ.

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The spiny leaves symbolized the crown of thorns and the red link once again symbolizing the blood of the suffering Christ.

If you want some holly to decorate your home during Christmas you won't be able to find any in the St.

The evergreen species of holly I. You'll have to visit a floral shop to purchase your holly that was probably grown in the Pacific Northwest, somewhere along the coast from Oregon to British Columbia. One big difference between winterberry and Christmas holly is that winterberry is deciduous.

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Look for medium-sized shrubs around the margins of the ponds. They have alternate leaves with saw-toothed edges and a very distinctive pattern of veins where the outermost veins are connected in an irregular oval shape near the margin of the leaf.

Like their Christmas relatives, the female winterberry bears bright-red berries in clusters at the base of the leaves. Winterberry grows in the eastern half of Minnesota, from Iowa to Canada, but is absent in our western prairie areas.

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They aren't finicky about sun and will grow in full sun to partial shade. To get an idea of what these lovely plants look like in the landscape, there is a row of winterberry planted along the essay that runs toward the football field behind the McNeely Spectrum. Not too long a faculty colleague brought to me a sprig of winterberry he had found in the Arboretum and wanted to confirm its identity. The twigs were full of red berries.

According one legend, we are in for a severe winter when the winterberry berries are plentiful.

I'm not too worried because whenever I see this beautiful plant it reminds me of the holidays and always warms my soul.

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