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Essay on global warming 120 words

We have got lots of emails to post an essay on global warming. In recent time an essay on global warming has become a predictable question in every board or competitive click here. Thus Team GuideToExam consider it to be very necessary to post some essay on global warming. Global warming is a global problem that has drawn the attention of the modern world in recent time.

The temperature of the earth is rising day by day and that has brought a threat to all the living being of this world.

Essay on Global Warming for BA and BSc Students.

People should know the causes of global warming and should try to control it. It is caused due to human activities and routine natural process as well. Global warming is the reason behind the change in climate throughout the world. Global warming is caused due to greenhouse gases.

Global warming is resulting in the rise in the normal https://essay-edupro.icu/v3/i815.php of the earth. It disturbs the weather pattern by increasing rainfall in some areas and decreasing it in some others.

The temperature of the earth is increasing day by day.

Due to pollution, deforestation etc. To stop global warming we should start planting trees and also motivate others to do the same. We can also make people aware of the effects of global warming. Recently global warming has become an issue of concern for the world.

Essay on Global Warming - Best Format of Essay CBSE Exam

The temperature of the earth is increasing on daily basis. As a result of that, the glaciers are starting to melt. We know that if the glaciers melt, then the whole earth will be under water. Different factors like deforestation, environmental pollution, greenhouse gases etc.

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It should be stopped as soon as possible to save the earth from the imminent disaster. It is caused by the increased volume of carbon dioxide and other fossil fuels released by the burning of coal, practicing deforestation and different human activities.

Essay on Global Warming: essay on global warming 120 words

Global warming leads the glaciers to melt, changing the climatic condition of the earth and causes different health hazards as well. It also invites many natural disasters to earth.

Flood, drought, soil erosion etc.

Though there are different natural causes, Human being is also responsible for global warming. The increasing population wants more and more resources from the environment to make their lives easy and comfortable.

Their unlimited use of essays on global warming 120 words is making the resources limited. In the last decade, we have seen lots of unusual climatic changes in the earth. It is thought that all these changes are caused due to global warming.

As soon as possible we should take measures to control global warming. Human activities such as deforestation should be controlled, more and more numbers of trees should be planted to control global warming. The temperature of our globe is going high every passing day.

Different factors are responsible for this. But the first and foremost cause of global warming is the greenhouse gases. Due to the increase of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere the temperature of the earth is climbing.

Global warming is responsible for the climatic changes in this Earth. The increased volume of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other greenhouse gases that are emitted due to the burning of fossil fuels and other human activities are said to be the main causes of global warming. Just click for source warming is responsible for the melting here glaciers.

Another direct effect of global warming is abnormal climatic changes in the earth. Nowadays hurricanes, volcano eruption, cyclones are causing havoc in this earth. Due to the change of temperature in the earth, nature is behaving in an abnormal way. Thus global warming needs to be controlled so that this beautiful planet will remain a safer place for us always. Each essay on global warming 120 words wants to be better than the other and each country is competing with the other to prove to be the better than the other.

In this process, all are ignoring the nature. As an outcome of putting nature aside in the process of development problems like global warming has erupted as a threat to this modern world. Nature has provided a lot of gifts to us but the generation is so harsh on them that they essay on global warming 120 words to use nature for their own benefits which leads it to the path of destruction.

Factors like deforestation, greenhouse gases, depletion of the ozone layer are playing an active role in global warming. As we know that the ozone layer protects the earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. But due to the depletion of the ozone layer, the UV rays comes directly to the Earth and that not only warming the Earth but also causing different diseases among the people of the Earth.

Again as a result of global warming different unusual behavior of nature can be seen on this earth. Nowadays we can see untimely rain, drought, volcano eruption etc. Global warming also leads to the glaciers to melt. On the other hand, pollution is thought to be another major cause of global warming.

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With the development of science and technology, Human are polluting the environment and that adds fuels to global warming. Global warming cannot be stopped totally as some natural factors are also responsible for it.

But we can definitely control it by controlling the human-made factors that cause global warming. It is the process of gradual increase in the temperature of the earth surface. It has a direct effect on the climatic condition of the earth. Image Credit:- Google Image Causes of global warming: — There are different causes of global warming.

Among them, some are natural causes while some others are manmade causes.

The greenhouses gases are not only generated by natural processes but also by some essay on global warming 120 words activities. In the 21st century, the population of the earth has increased to such an extent that human is destroying the atmosphere by cutting down a great number of the tree every day. The declination of the ozone layer is another cause of global warming.

Essay on Global warming

Due to the increasing release of chlorofluorocarbon gas, the ozone layer is depleting day by day. The ozone layer protects the earth surface by inhibiting the harmful sun rays to come to the earth. But the gradual depletion in the ozone layer causes global warming in the earth surface. Effect of Global warming: — The effect of global warming is a matter of concern for the whole world.

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On the other hand, the huge level of climatic changes can be seen on the earth surface in the recent time as an effect of global warming. Solutions of Global warming: — Global warming cannot be stopped totally, but can be controlled. In order to control global warming at first, we, the people of this globe need to be conscious.

But we can try to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. People should also arrange different awareness programs among the unaware people to control global warming.

Conclusion: — Global warming is a worldwide issue that needs to be controlled to save the earth from the imminent danger. The existence of human civilization on this global warming depends on the health of this earth. The health of this earth is deteriorating due to global warming. Thus it must be controlled by us to save us and the earth as well.

Final words: — So we are in the concluding part of the essay on global warming or global warming essay. We can conclude that global warming is not only an issue but also a threat to this blue planet. Global warming has now become a global issue. The whole world is paying attention to this issue. So a global warming essay or an article on global warming is a much-needed topic that needs to be discussed in any educational blog.

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Besides, the huge demands of the readers of GuideToExam we are inspired to post those essay on global warming to our blog. On the other hand, we have noticed that an essay on global warming or global warming essay has now become a predictable question in different board and competitive examinations.

So we consider posting some essay on global warming for our readers so that they can also get help from GuideToExam to prepare a speech on global warming or an article on global warming as per their need. Do you feel that some more points need to be added to these essay on global warming? Feel free to Contact Us. For any other essays or articles mail us guidetoexam gmail.

Global Warming Essay 2 ( words). Global warming is a big issue of the atmosphere on the earth which cause continuous rise in the surface temperature of. word Essay. Using persuasive technique Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of Earth's surface. Since the late 's, the global. Global warming is the process in which the Earth’s temperature starts increasing. This happens because industry, fossil fuels, agricultural processes caused by human, natural, and other gas emissions, this factors increase greenhouse gases, greenhouse gases are made up of carbon.

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