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Literature review on eating disorders pdf

Transcultural aspects of eating disorders: A critical literature review

Anorexia nervosa: a literature review Samreen Ahmed Abstract Anorexia nervosa, more common in females, is characterized by low body weight due to restricted intake of food, and fear to gain weight as well as distorted body image of oneself. It has a number of medical complications, such as low heart rate, hypotension, etc.

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These complications need consideration before starting medication for anorexia nervosa. Although, antidepressants have shown no more effectiveness as compared to placebo according to a research.


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Accessed on 22 December

agnostic criteria of the Diagnostic and Statistical. Manual of Mental Disorders ( DSM-IV) for anor- exia or bulimia. The prevalence of disordered eat- ing, however. Eating disorders (EDs) lead to multiple psychiatric and somatic complications and thus constitute a major public Prevalence of eating disorders over the – period: a systematic literature review PDF; Split View. A critique of the literature on etiology of eating disorders. Azadeh forms of eating disorder based on diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders ( DSM-IV). According to a survey, prevalence of eating disorders is % among. in the eating disorder (ED) peer-reviewed literature. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 5th Edition (DSM-5) defines. FEARING FAT: A LITERATURE REVIEW OF FAMILY SYSTEMS the etiology of eating disorders is reviewed. Family tical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-. Request PDF on ResearchGate, Eating disorders in men: A review of the literature, Eating disorders have long been perceived to occur primarily in women; few.

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