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Event of literature book review

The Event of Literature by Terry Eagleton – review

Sally Rooney talks to Kishani Widyaratna about 'Normal People'

Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, The modern world is assumed to have emerged when human beings became responsible rulers of their own lives. They call for knowledge, decision, and action.

Do we, human beings, always act or, rather, things happen to us? Do we rationally choose our way, stumble upon it, or, perhaps, it stumbles upon us? Are we building our world by our own meaningful deeds, or are we surrounded and carried away by events, many of them meaningless?

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But this letter, Rowner points out, is itself a literary piece, and its rejection of older forms of literature constitutes a literary event. This event, Rowner argues, turns literary art away from abstract rules and concepts and reorients it towards the corporeality of its subject matter, endowing it with a new self-reflecting and, at the same time, self-rejecting dimension.

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Rowner does not limit his enquiry to French authors and, in addition to Hofmannsthal, he examines influential thinkers such as Martin Heidegger, Jurij Lotman, and Giorgio Agamben. The literary event abolishes all expectations.

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It would be natural to assume from the title of Terry Eagleton's new book that it might, in some way, be applying to literature Alain Badiou's idea. The Event of Literature book. Read 12 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this characteristically concise, witty, and lucid book.

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