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Does doing your homework make you smarter

Are You Down With or Done With Homework?

Infographic: How Does Homework Actually Affect Students?

Making room for a smarter way to pitch Inwe launched our SayNoToSpec video and were blown away by the incredible response from virtually every corner of our industry. It turns out many clients and agencies felt the same as we did about the spec creative requirement in new business pitches.

I’ve spent the last few years making videos on YouTube that have, and continue to inspire and motivate millions of students around the world to study smarter, stress less I believe that life shouldn't be about striving for perfection. It's about doing your best, enjoying the.

We think the industry is better for the dialogue and we want to keep the conversation going. But we want to now extend the conversation to the entire pitch process and how it can be better for both agency and client. We believe our industry can do better for clients and agencies. But this is just the start.

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So please share your tips, advice and comments using smarterpitch, as we hope this will be a living and ever-evolving how-to guide for our entire industry. We Are All Human Automation is the buzzword of the industry right now. The best client-agency relationships thrive on human interaction and collaboration, not email missives between machines.

Bottom line for the client: Personalize your invitation to the agency.

how to get smarter about phones and homework time

Pick up the phone and call them. Or send a personalized email.

Does doing your homework make you smarter; infographic: how does homework actually affect students?

That will go a long way in attracting great agencies. Bottom line for the agency: You can decide to respond to a robot. But remember this industry is all about human connection. Know the End Game There are many reasons to run a pitch. You need social media expertise. Stronger strategic talent. An agency with in-house production capabilities.

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Or maybe a shop of a certain size. As agencies, we also need to identify our strengths and see if they align with what the client needs. Not to mention, cattle calls set everyone — including the client — up for a needlessly laborious, drawn-out and expensive process.

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Bottom line for the client: It takes some click up front, but do your homework on the shops you want to invite. Get help from a reputable agency search consultant who can cull the field based on your needs.

See more on that, below. Keep your initial list to no more than five to six agencies and two to three for the shortlist. Bottom line for the agency: Point-blank, ask how many agencies are participating in the pitch. Next, ask how many agencies are expected to be shortlisted.

Anything more than three is, by definition, not doe doing your homework make you smarter red flags should be popping up like crazy. Hire an Expert Running a pitch is a big and important undertaking. Clients can mitigate the risk of a wrong hire by using a search consultant but, like most things in life, there are good ones and bad ones. If you know who the good ones are, they can bring valuable industry knowledge and be a great matchmaker because they have their finger on the pulse of the agency landscape.

Bottom line for the client: A good search consultant keeps up on our dynamic industry and all the different players. Before hiring one, ask around, check their references and track record, and find out if their approach to the pitch process works for you.

Bottom line for the agency: Be visible in the industry so see more get on the pitch radar. And before you engage in a pitch process that involves a search consultant, know who they are, their credentials and, most importantly, their industry reputation.

Look for a Relationship, Not a Transaction In hiring an agency, a client should be looking for a business partner, not a transaction.

That is why we suggest clients never ask for — and agencies should never give — an estimate via email. This leads to a price-driven, short-term relationship, which typically fails to generate strong work. After all, how accurate can an agency estimate be without a proper conversation with the client about the scope of the project? Same goes for RFPs for pro-bono services.

Once agencies are excited about a potential partnership, they will be motivated to find a way to make your budget work. They had actually only won the right to be part of a pool of agencies pitching on work!

Now, we understand that some government organizations run pitches whereby a pool of agencies is selected, but everyone participating knows in advance. A smart, well-run pitch process is transparent and has been thought through from start to finish — with clear steps and clearly stated rules of engagement. How can you participate in something without knowing the ground rules?

Bottom line for the client: Take the time to map out the process and expectations of participating agencies at each step. Your participating agencies should know what will happen, when it will happen and when a final decision will be made. Bottom line for the agency: Know everything about the process before you commit to the pitch — from the initial first meeting with the client to what will be expected should dissertation writing routine agency be shortlisted.

Make sure you clearly understand timelines and who the decision-makers are in read article process. Again, not far from the truth in many pitches today. Hiring an agency based on spec creative, rather than who would be the best long-term partner, often means clients end up repeating the process a few years later, hoping this time the relationship lasts longer.

Bottom line for the client: By asking for spec creative, it turns the search into a beauty contest. Ultimately, that leads to a relationship that only goes skin deep. If you really want to see creative work, give an agency you admire a real live project, collaborate with them in the creative development process and compensate them as though they were already your partner.

See how you would work together in the real world. Bottom line for the agency: Spec creative is an expensive cycle of diverting resources from existing clients to chase new business opportunities. Be sure agencies are competing on equal terms — and the consequences for any agency that breaks them are well-communicated. Bottom line for the client: Set ground rules — and stick to them.

Make clear that creative spec work will not be tolerated and any homework make you smarter that produces it will be disqualified from the pitch. Bottom line for the agency: Ask the client or search consultant questions about the pitch process, and what happens to an agency that skirts the rules. You have a right to ask good questions, and the client should want that from a partner. But the brand interviews her, reviews her previous work and checks references.

Clients and agencies should do the same with each other. An exercise of rapid-fire questions between client and agency can yield authentic interactions and give a good idea of how you might fit together — the most important criteria to a successful, long-lasting relationship.

Get to know them before you hire them. Do one-on-one interviews with the people who will be the day-to-day agency team: the account person, the strategic planner, the creative director, etc. Bottom line for the agency: Know what working with this client will mean for your agency and the talent you have worked so hard to attract, train and retain.

Be Respectful Remember, what you say and do reflects on the brand you represent and impacts your reputation in the industry. Be a good listener and be respectful of each other. Bottom line for the client: Even if there is no spec work required, good agencies will still put hundreds of hours into preparing themselves for a new business opportunity.

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Bottom line for the agency: Many clients put a lot of thought and effort into the pitch process. Recognize that, be appreciative of their time and say thank you. Avoid a Pitch Altogether Before you start looking for an agency, have you made every effort to make it work with your current agency partner? Just like marriage counselling, there are consultants out there who will conduct a relationship evaluation to identify make you the gaps are in the agency-client relationship.

Sometimes the relationship becomes dysfunctional for reasons that could be fixed with a heart-to-heart conversation and getting really candid with one another. Have that conversation. Straightforwardness and honesty are the best policy. Many of our best relationships have started this way.

Bottom line for the client and agency: You both owe it to one another to have one more conversation as to why the relationship might not be working. It can save a lot of time and doe doing your — and create an even better working relationship — if you can find a way to avoid running an agency pitch. Sometimes simply switching up the team with new, positive energy on the business can save the relationship.

The Ultimate Pitch Checklist.

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