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Essay about survey method

Understanding and Evaluating Survey Research

Surveys are conducted to collect the necessary information to develop the research documents. The current essay discusses the essay about survey method benefits and limitation of the survey research method as well as analyzes its usage in the field of marketing.

Comparison with other methods of research is also presented to determine the best method for market research for business.

The benefits associated with the use of survey tools in researching the target market for the business are numerous. The first benefit is the time required to complete the research.

For example, online survey is faster than the traditional one because the information needed is collected automatically and in timely essay about survey method. The researchers get the responses instantly via Internet, while paper questionnaires issued to be filled out require more work.

In the online research method, the marketing professionals get the responses in the first three days after the research activity starts, indicating it is a faster way of collecting information.

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Surveys are cheaper because it requires very little paperwork. The expenses of postage or hiring people to fill out the questionnaires in the databases are eliminated.

In the online method of data collection, the responses from the target market are processed automatically as they are received. Therefore, the method is cheap and economical for many businesses.

Essay about survey method: 4 main benefits of survey research

For a marketing research to be effective in attaining its objectives, the information collected during the survey should be very accurate. Therefore, the third advantage of online survey is that it provides more accurate information with little errors if any.

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Despite the traditional method where the staff enters the data manually into the systems, in online survey the participants enter their responses directly into the database. It qualifies the data to be more accurate because human error is reduced.

Despite the many dvantages associated with the survey research method, it has some essays about survey method. For example, online survey is available to the limited pool of respondents because many of the target people may not have access to the Internet.

The participants are required to respond to online questionnaires, thus, the generalization to population may not be applicable for research development.

Therefore, the sample taken to draw the conclusion may lack validity.

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Internet users receive many messages from different sources and may end up deleting the questionnaires without considering them. The online method attracts few responses than the traditional method because there is no chance of convincing the respondents to cooperate.

analysis of a survey essay

Therefore, the method is limited to the number of responses received and it may be challenging to develop a reliable research project.

Appropriate selection of research methods leads to the success of any research ( Steele, ). This chapter discusses the research design and methodology. To this end, Trochim and Donnelly () note that one of the means researchers utilize to collect data is via survey research. [tags: social research, methods]. Check out our essay example on Experimental Method and Survey Research to start writing!. MP 05W MITRE PRODUCT. Fundamentals of Survey Research. Methodology. April Priscilla A. Glasow (). Division: Department: W The methodology lets readers assess the reliability of your research. Quantitative methods (e.g. surveys) are best for measuring, ranking.

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