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Building high speed rail essay

The cost of building and operating a new high speed rail line

Californians are debating whether to build a very expensive railroad line between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This is like building a state-of-the-art driveway while your house collapses.

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At link it will not solve any problems for decades to come, and at worst it will become an expensive problem itself. It will become a Vietnam of transportation: easy to begin and difficult and expensive to stop.

In a state dismantling its education system and watching its existing infrastructure collapse, it is criminally profligate to build a system that will drain revenue from more-needed projects.

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Highway 5 https://essay-edupro.icu/v1/i2493.php Los Angeles and San Francisco is miserable, but it is not the key transportation problem in California. High-speed rail between Boston and Washington, D. This is not true in Los Angeles nor in large parts of the Bay area.

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There is so far no private investment in the project and no federal contribution beyond the initial grant. The state auditor is only the latest to slam the California High-speed Rail Authority as a tool of its consultants and contractors.

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By all signs, California taxpayers will take the risks; private corporations will reap the gains; and California will either be left with what it can now fund — a white elephant running between Merced and Bakersfield — or a monstrous leech of a project sucking away needed revenue.

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