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Professional resume writer for nurses

Best Nursing Resume Services

If you prefer call If you have more questions about our resume writing service or would like to know more about our resume writers, please browse our web site. We also offer a free resume critique to help you identify issues in your resume.

Let a professional resume writer resuscitate your resume with clear, concise writing. We will highlight your nursing skills, medical abilities and specific knowledge of health care fields.

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We have written hundreds of nursing resumes and know the format, keywords and skillsets preferred by today's hospitals and medical facilities. To get started, order your resume below. You will then be contacted by your writer to set up a one-hour telephone interview.

Following the interview, you will receive your resume via email as a MS Word attachment within three business days. Your writer will then address revisions until you are completely satisfied. This category is also for Nurse's Aids, Technicians and other support jobs in health care.

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Your resume will reflect your education, internships and specialization. You've worked in a clinical, medical, public health or research setting for over two years. Your resume will highlight your accomplishments, scope of duties and medical specialties.

Also, your accomplishments and ability to work in a fast-paced environment will be highlighted. You lead teams of nurses as Head Nurse or Shift Supervisor.

Your resume will be written in a more CV style, similar to a doctor with specific realms of authority.

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