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Average time to write a dissertation

How long did it take for you to finish your dissertation?

How Long Does It Take To Write A Dissertation?

D program with a Masters. I only have a few classes left to take, then comps, then dissertation. What is the fastest completed dissertation that you know of? Haylee What's your hurry? Take enough time to do work of the quality you'll need to set yourself up for the job market and for publishing during your pre-tenure years.

Ashton I know someone who finished the PhD in four years. The diss used existing public opinion data. So no data collection. That sped up the process considerably.

Sandra I ask because I just met a guy who took 10 years. This, of course, included his course work. So I'd say it took him maybe 7 years to finish his dissertation. That seems like a very long time to me. I always assumed it took about years to complete the dissertation.

Average time to write a dissertation: the 30-second trick for how long is the average dissertation

He used survey method. It seems surveys can be a tough method for a grad student because of compliance.


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Trenton Two years: four years in program, average time to write a dissertation year and a half fully devoted to dissertation, tack on a half year for the two chapters that were written as research papers for seminars--wrote some rough drafts of two chapters early, in other words.

Field: political theory. Sapphira Little over 2 years on the dissertation. Of course, 1 month after proposal was defended, had a baby Tayler It took me 8 months to write my dissertation. It took me 7 years to get my PhD because I dicked around for 4 years.

How Long Should A Thesis / Dissertation Be? (Words / Pages In An Average PhD Dissertation)

This is very typical for phd students. Loreen My advisor said that all dissertations get "written" in three months.

How long did it take for you to finish your dissertation?

It just depends on how much the writer wants to space out those months. Trueman Six years total. Data collection can be the biggest problem, especially for people who don't work with establish quantitative databases. I've also known people who took a year or more for the proposal, mostly because they had an asshole committee that wanted this perfect product rather than a strong showing of topic and potential.

My actual dissertation took about 2. The final product was a little more rough than I would have liked but refining it is for the book manuscript. Shirley Coursework, comps, etc. Looking back Year 4 wasn't as productive as it could have been. Slacked a little after defending diss.

how quickly can you write a dissertation?

Didn't have to TA, didn't have classes, no comps, so it was harder to give myself deadlines. Travis I'd say your advisor is close, it's the month range.

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Many of the people on here claiming years of writing are also the people that work 80 hour weeks, they're not figuring in the time screwing around. Loreen: My advisor said that all dissertations get "written" in three months.

Harris depends what you mean by "to write. Yes, I could have and should have done it faster, but I don't think I took unreasonably long.

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