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Zusammenfassung Englisch Abstract: This thesis covers a very broad range of bioinformatics methods ranging from the development of the analysis pipeline to the data integration and development of an expression atlas database and web application development.

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In addition, an in silico method was developed to annotate genome with novel features, and predicting diseases based on the expression profiles. There are several sRNA-seq analysis platforms available that differ in their analysis portfolio, performance, and user-friendliness.

However, these analysis platforms lack one or more important features such as disease biomarkers identification, detection of viral and bacterial infections in sRNA-seq samples, storage of novel predicted miRNAs, multivariate kumulative dissertation bonn expression DE analysis and automated submission of jobs via an application programming interface API.

To this end, we developed an online analysis tool called as Oasis 2, a fast and flexible web application which provide many different sRNA-seq analysis options on a single platform.

Additionally Oasis2 enables users to perform all these different analysis over the web application, as well as over API for automatic https://essay-edupro.icu/v12/i2896.php. Oasis 2 generates downloadable interactive web reports for easy visualization, exploration, and analysis of data on a local system.

In future, small RNA editing, modification, and mutation events can be implemented in Oasis 2.

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Additionally the reported kumulative dissertation bonn for bacterial and viral infections and contaminations can source enhanced. For example, most of the sRNA-seq repositories support one or two organisms and none of these databases provide search by ontological terms.

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Considering these shortcomings, we developed sRNA expression atlas SEAa data repository to store sRNA expression profiles along with bonn experimental details such as organism, tissue, cell type, disease, age, gender and technical details like sequencer, kit and barcode etc. Additionally we built a web application that allows end users to query and visualize sRNA expression profiles in an interactive manner.

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SEA allows users to search for ontology-based queries, supporting single or combined searches for five pre-defined terms such as organism, tissue, disease, cell type, and cell line across different experiments. Currently it contains expression and meta-information of over 2, sRNA-seq samples across 10 organisms.

In the future, additional available meta-information such as age, gender, developmental stage, genotype as well as technical kumulative dissertation bonn details can standardized connect to ontologies and the search could be enhanced to allow users to query sRNA expression profiles based on them.

Lastly, one can store DE and biomarker prediction results for all the click datasets having at-least two groups such control and diseased and make them query-able and comparable across different datasets.

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Prediction and validation of mutually kumulative dissertation bonn splicing of exons : Mutually exclusive splicing of exons MXEs is a mechanism of functional gene and protein diversification with important roles in organismal development and diseases, such as in SNAP as part of the neuroexocytosis machinery.

Despite their important roles, the current knowledge of human MXEs is very limited, that is to kumulative dissertation bonn, that the human genome annotation Gen-Bank v. To this end, an in silco method was developed to predict MXEs based on sequence similarity, similar lengths, and reading frame conservation; predicted MXEs were validated using the publicly available billions of RNA-seq reads.

Based on this method the current knowledge of human MXEs is increased by almost an kumulative dissertation bonn of magnitude from to 1, MXEs. These MXEs shows tissue and developmental kumulative dissertation bonn specific expression and also have potential roles in diseases.

As a heuristic approach was used for the prediction of MXEs in this thesis, in the future a machine learning approach can be used for the prediction of MXEs, which may increase the predicting power of the method and could result in further novel MXEs.

Keywords: in silico; annotate genome; data integration; data analysis; gene regulation; diseases.

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