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Thesis on abattoir

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Haramaya University, Haramaya Ethiopia. DVM thesis Veterinary Medicine. Haramaya Ethiopia : Haramaya University.

The aim of this thesis on abattoir was to identify and determine the major diseases of organ and carcass condemnation and to estimate the magnitude of the direct losses attributed to the condemned organs and carcasses from sheep and goats slaughtered in the abattoirs.

Standard antemortem and postmortem inspection procedures were followed through out the study.

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Antemortem inspection was carried out in the lairage and abnormalities encountered were recorded, followed by postmortem thesis on abattoir through their identification number to detect gross abnormalities and aesthetic reasons that rendered each organ to be rejected from local and international market. During the study a total of sheep and goats and organs and carcasses were examined.


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The study revealed that The annual loss due to the rejection of organs and carcasses from the small ruminants slaughtered in the export abattoirs is estimated at approximately ,

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