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Joe L Feliciano, Pace University Abstract The main objective of this dissertation is to explore both the technological and organizational aspects of the success criteria of Knowledge Management Systems KMSand focus on the process of building an organizational knowledge management system dissertation base for operational knowledge reuse.

In a time of change, more organizations are deploying a variety of Knowledge Management Systems to enhance business processes and performance. Information and communication technology ICT has provided abundant tools and utilities to enable such systems.

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After nearly a decade of practice in knowledge management, the results are mixed at best and the type of systems utilized are very diverse and often fragmented in infrastructure. In identifying these enabling criteria in a knowledge management system, the author wishes to aid in the future analysis, design, and evaluation of successfully utilizing such systems.

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This study is divided in two parts. Part I focuses on building a knowledge management system dissertation process model in the framework of information systems IS and acquiring all the functional and structural attributes. The model uses information systems commonly utilized in providing products or services to enlist most of the organizational and technological attributes.

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A generic knowledge management system is characterized as an input-system-output workflow with which a knowledge worker can interact to enhance the service or product. Part II validates the criteria identified in the model and analyzes data gathered utilizing surveys of knowledge workers in various industries.

the dynamics of knowledge sharing behaviors and knowledge management systems

The analysis of the data collected in exploratory interviews also gave us the opportunity to see how much the industry was still fragmented and what was most important in terms of implementing a KMS. Technologically, we found scalability, adaptability, transparency, dependability, and personalization to be most important when specifically referring to the KMS itself.

Organizationally, time and monetary resources, corporate culture, evaluation, business alignment, and training influence the effectiveness of KMS initiative the most. The main contribution of this thesis is the development of the KMS success model and criteria.

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The unique aspect of this research is the utilization of the knowledge worker perspective as opposed to the managerial point of view most commonly used in this type of research.

Subject Area Computer science Recommended Citation Feliciano, Joe L, "The success criteria for implementing knowledge management systems in an organization"

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