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The written question 'Sensitive Teeth' falls under the category of written techniques because méthode dissertation littérature terminale l seeing the picture the readers eye immediately goes to the words in bold and upon seeing this question the target audience is likely to interested from there on to read the rest of the advert which is the big body of text that contains all of the information on the product.

After the information there is a picture of the product included down the bottom to give the target audience a picture of what to look for.


Journal of Philosophical Logic, 28, Charles Sanders Peirce. Le raisonnement et la logique des choses. Charles Sanders Pierce. Harvard University Press, Path independence, rationaliy and social choice. A logical framework for default reasoning. Artificial Intelligence, 36 : 27-47, Meaning and Interpretation, Conference held in Stockholm, September, Papers on Time and Tense.

The target audience is reached through a number of ways but the main one is technical and symbolic.

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