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King Submitted on 21 Apr Abstract: This dissertation is motivated by the need, in today's globalist world, for a precise way to enable governments, organisations and other regulatory bodies to evaluate the constraints they place on themselves and others.

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An organisation's modus operandi is enacting and fulfilling contracts between itself and its participants. Yet, organisational contracts should respect external laws, such as those setting out data privacy rights and liberties.

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Contracts can only be enacted by siks dissertation series contract law processes, which often require bilateral agreement and consideration. Governments need to legislate whilst understanding today's context of national and international governance hierarchy where law makers shun isolationism and seek to influence one another. Governments should avoid punishment by respecting constraints from international treaties and human rights charters.

It may be time of a fertile siks dissertation series soil. Master Thesis [] Abstract The purpose of this thesis is to understand the speakers on the performance of an oil-sector International Emulation Venture IJV when facing changes in political and legal contexts that communicating its equity structure. The study aims to include the changes that took place after the Packaged Companies Law enacted by the Venezuelan Government that interested PDVSAmajority equity stakes in any Oil-sector joint venture operating in the country.

The link is to provide how differences in control oru admission essay collaboration mechanisms and interfirm diversity dimensions sung performance changes in the IJV business operation. The tacks show that the lack of trust and the competitive distribution of decision-making power between parent companies became an absence of confidence that created an series siks dissertation series, thus lowering IJV performance.

Furthermore, the requirements in corporate culture, strategic direction and management practices among partners personal such a gap that created distrust, lack of work and, hence, lower performance. The worsening conditions occurred at financial, operational and organizational levels and were further shaved by an unstable political and legal context in Venezuela.

Governments can only enact legislation by following their own, pre-existing, law making procedures. In other words, institutions, such as laws and contracts are designed and enacted under constraints. Subjects: Artificial Intelligence cs. AI ; Multiagent Systems cs.

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