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Ten things I wish I'd known before starting my dissertation

Suomeksi Covers and typography guidelines The covers follow the new graphic standards of the University of Turku.

Other name of dissertation: 4 tips for creating the perfect dissertation title

The front cover may alternatively have an image related to the subject of the doctoral dissertation. The university contract printing houses have already all the needed models.

Printing house will make the covers. Deliver the texts for the cover, title page and loose leaf to the printing house as. Book format size of the book is B5.

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University contract printing houses have this guide, i. Model of inner pages PDF file Covers and the spine The front cover contains the logo of the University of Turku, the title of the dissertation and the author.

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The spine contains the series information and the name of the author. The back cover may also have a short introduction to the dissertation.

The Perfect Defense: The Oral Defense of a Dissertation

Front Cover The front cover must include the logo of the University of Turku. Front covers are in the faculty colors or they can alternatively have an image that reflects the topic of the dissertation. The image should be dpi in and the image should cover the whole cover.

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Please check copyright issues before using any images. The back cover may also include a short introduction to the dissertation.

This includes long-term changes. This work argues that weighs should think about their adaptive capacity as climate change induces mixed and long-term changes.

However, this is optional. Loose Leaf Loose leaf contains information about the date and the place of the public defense.

Note that the loose leaf must be "loose", i. Title Page The title page is similar to the loose leaf with the exception that the title page does NOT include information about the time and place of the public defense.

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Reverse Side of the Title Page According to the guidelines of the University of Turku the reverse side of the title page should indicate the affiliation of the doctoral candidate, other name of dissertation program, other possible places where the doctoral thesis research has been carried out, information of the reviewers and the opponent.

Information about the author of the book should be organized in the following order: University of Turku, Faculty, Department, Subject, Doctoral program.

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Other possible places where the doctoral thesis research has been carried out should also be mentioned in the affiliation. All doctoral dissertations at the university are checked for plagiarism.

A notice of the plagiarism control must be indicated on the reverse side of the title page: "The originality of this thesis has been checked in accordance with the University of Turku quality assurance system using the Turnitin Originality Check service". If covers have a photo or an illustration, other name of dissertation information must be given here: Cover image: N.

Although the library checks the correctness of the bibliographic information on the covers, the author has to give the final permission to print to the printing house.

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