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Dissertation on street vendors

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In many ways, these cities couldn't be more different. Chicago is known for its strong-man politics, wind-bag politicians, and deep-dish pizza.

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Mumbai, the city of gold, is known for its fragmented political system, brimming slums, and the glitz and glamour of Bollywood. However, both cities are also home to a large and diverse im migrant population, known for corrupt politics, and display an impressive waterfront skyline.

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Additionally, and for purposes of my dissertation, both cities also have a thriving street vending population which operates amidst bans, eviction drives, fines, and harassment. In both cities, why is street vending both thriving and banned? What accounts for the continued existence of this age-old industry across such distinct cities, regulatory capacities, and governing arrangements?

This is part of the larger debate on informal economies. While they spurred policy debate in the s and 80s after an International Labour Report about street trading in Ghana, they have received renewed attention because they continue to thrive and even grow in some areas.

Scholars initially predicted informal activity would disappear as economies modernized, but they have proven to be incredibly resilient and robust, causing us to re-question what we know about these industries. Prevailing frameworks claim that informality exists for a variety of reasons.

Some argued that immigrants and poverty caused informality, while others assumed that informal workers were a 'reserve' part of the labor force.

dissertation on street vendors

Structural arguments have shown the tight links between formal institutions, policies, and corporations, while legal arguments stress that strict government policies create high barriers of entry to the formal market and force others into informality. In short, the question of their existence is hardly a settled one.

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Similarly, defining informal economies is also debated-where does informal end and formal or criminal begin? The one characteristic that most studies can settle on is the role of the state-informal economies are generally defined as unregulated and outside of state purview.

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My dissertation offers an alternative framework to understand informal activities. Street vending doesn't exist because it is unregulated, but rather it exists because it is regulated by local municipal officials.

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However, this is only half the dissertation on street vendors. The other half considers how street vendors are able to negotiate their status-away from informal and unauthorized to tolerated and sometimes accepted. These findings shed new light on urban politics and the politics of marginalized citizens, by showing the unique way that policy is shaped and contested outside of the executive office.

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