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Kumulative dissertation tu dortmund

For real-world we do not know a priori which methods will work best.

Furthermore, most of the available models depend on so called hyper- or control parameters, which can drastically influence their performance. This leads to a vast space of potential models, which cannot be explored exhaustively.

Modern optimization techniques, often either evolutionary or model-based, are employed to speed up this process. A very similar problem occurs in continuous and discrete optimization and, in general, in many other areas where problem instances are solved by algorithmic approaches: Dortmund competing techniques exist, some of them heavily parametrized.

Again, not much knowledge exists, how, given a certain application, one makes the correct choice here.


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These general problems are called algorithm selection and algorithm configuration. Instead of relying on tedious, manual trial-and-error, one should rather employ available computational power in a methodical fashion to obtain an appropriate algorithmic choice, while supporting this process with machine-learning techniques to discover and exploit as much of the search space structure as possible.

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In this cumulative dissertation I summarize nine papers that deal with the problem of model and algorithm selection in the areas of machine learning and optimization. Issues in benchmarking, resampling, efficient model tuning, feature selection and automatic algorithm selection are addressed and solved using modern techniques. I apply these kumulative dissertations tu dortmund to tasks from engineering, music data analysis and black-box optimization.

The dissertation concludes by summarizing my published R packages for such tasks and specifically discusses two packages for parallelization on high performance computing clusters and parallel statistical experiments.

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