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Doctoral Dissertations at the University of Agder

How to write a PhD thesis -- a motivational workshop at JNU

Please consult your faculty for more information. Creation and certificate On the basis of the report from the evaluation committee and the faculty that the trial lecture and the defence have been approved, the student will be created Philosophiae Doctor by the Board.

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Go here doctoral degree certificate will be issued by UiA. The certificate must include the title of the uia phd thesis and details on the organised training programme that the student has completed.

Disputation When the trial lecture has been found to be satisfactory, the PhD student must defend his or her dissertation at a disputation. Normally, the disputation must be held within six months after submission of the dissertation for evaluation.

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The disputation must be in public. There are normally two opponents.

Doctoral Dissertations at the University of Agder - uia phd thesis

The two opponents must be members of the evaluation committee and be nominated by the faculty or by the committee itself. Under special circumstances, opponents outside the committee may be nominated.

A disputation starts with an introduction by the disputation chair.

Then follows a discussion about the dissertation between the opponents and the PhD student. Any person present may speak as an opponent ex auditorio.

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Persons who wish to speak as uia phd theses ex auditorio are requested to give notice of their intention to speak. Routines concerning the disputation may vary between the different faculties and doctoral programmes. Some costs related to disputation are tax-deductible expenses, such as printing costs, travel expenses and some https://essay-edupro.icu/v13/i1749.php related to dinner for the opponents.

The committee evaluates the dissertation, the trial lecture and the defence of the dissertation. The PhD candidate must be informed of the composition of the evaluation committee.

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The uia phd thesis committee submits a report, normally no later than three months after receipt of the dissertation. The report must justify the conclusions and state whether the work is worthy to be defended for the doctoral degree.

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In the event of dissent, reasons must be specified. If a doctoral dissertation is rejected, it can be evaluated in revised form, but not earlier than six months from the date of the rejection. Evaluation of a revised dissertation can only be done once. Intellectual Property Rights No restrictions may be imposed click here the publication of a doctoral dissertation, except an extension, agreed in advance, of the deadline for publication.

An uia phd thesis party cannot require that a dissertation or parts of a dissertation be exempted from publication. Publishing of the dissertation The dissertation is published after the evaluation committee has approved it for disputation. The library can also assist in practical matters concerning publishing of the dissertation.

Instructions for layout and templates for the first pages of the dissertation are available on their website. Dissertations are printed in the Printing Office of UiA. The dissertation must be printed and available to the uia phd thesis at the latest two weeks prior to the date of the disputation.

If possible, the dissertation source be deposited in AURA early enough in order to be available online by the time of the disputation. Contact the library for more information.

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Conditions relating to the dissertation, submission and graduation are described in § of the PhD regulations of UiA. In addition to the general procedures. Cod at drift in the Nordic seas . Huserbråten, Mats Brockstedt Olsen (Doctoral dissertations at University of Agder;, Doctoral thesis, ).

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